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1. The equipment for supersonic plasma spraying of PLAZER 50-PL, PLAZER 80-PL-S and PLAZER 180-PL-S

2. Plasma arc installation (system) PLAZER 30-PL-W for spraying of coatings from wire materials

3. Installation for supersonic electric arc spraying PLAZER 15-SA

4. Semi-automatic spraying lines

5. Equipment (apparatus) for high-speed plasma hard surfacing PLAZER-PL-H-80

6. Equipment for air-water plasma cutting

7. Equipment for plasma cutting of metals of increased thickness on the reverse polarity

8. Installation PLAZER 40PL-PW for plasma flash removal and weld joints processing

9. Equipment for plasma, hybrid (Plasma-MIG) and combined (Plasma -MIG,Plasma -MAG) welding

10. High-frequency induction plasma system PLAZER HF 60/5,28

11. Equipment for plasma spraying of powders from refractory compounds and active metals

12. Installation for micro-arc processing in rotating magnetic fields PLAZER-RF

13. Equipment for steam-plasma processing of organic-based solid waste

14. Equipment for plasma-arc processing of water-organic emulsions and liquid waste with simultaneous production of high energy gas.

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