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High-frequency induction plasma system PLAZER HF 60/5,28

In the high-frequency plasma equipment manufactured under the trademark PLAZER the generator is the source of high-frequency (HF) discharge, which install a powerful electromagnetic field of high frequency leads in the inductor of the system. The equipment has been manufactured with an operating frequency of 1.76 or 5.28 MHz depending on the technological tasks.

High-frequency plasma system PLAZER HF 60/5,28 was developed on the basis of valve oscillator with oscillatory frequency 5,28 MHz andoutput capacity 60 kW.

The system can be supplied in several versions for its configuration into various technological systems and implementation of the following technological tasks:

- production of charging material in the ingots melting pot , including refractory oxides, without limitation of feedstock melting temperature;

- production of chemically pure low-temperature plasma used in the processing of disperse materials (spheroidization) refractory materials and metals, nanomaterials synthesis);

- induction-plasma spraying

- plasma hardening and induction surfacing;

- production of monocrystals;

- production of carbon nanotubes, fullerenes

Main technological characteristics of the system PLAZER HF 60/5,28for melting (processing) of refractory materials



Operating frequency, MHz


Oscillatory range, kW, max


Mains power, kW, max


Cooling water consumption, m3/hour, max


Weight of the system, kg, max


The system (installation) area, m2, max


Designed capacity, m3/hour, min


Supply mains parameters:

Supply mains voltage, V


Supply mains frequency, Hz


Number of phases


Completeness of the high-frequency induction plasma system with operating frequency for melting (processing) of refractory materials with oscillatory frequency 5,28MHz


Name of the system's units

Main components of the system's units


Furnace unit with mechanisms and water cooling melting pot

1.1. Melting chamber with vertically opening door, water-cooling chamber and door, connections and pipelines (aluminum and stainless steel)

1.2. Control equipment of the flow and temperature of cooling water.

1.3. Mechanisms of vertical movement and rotation of rod


Power supply source (generator power supply unit)  generator power 60 kW, frequency 1,76-5,28 MHz, mains power max 60-100 kW

1.1. Thyristor regulator of anode voltage for smooth switching of inductive load power up to 100 kVA.

1.2. Step-up anode transformer with regulation on primary circuit and output voltage up to 10 kW.

1.3. Rectifier unit with thyristor control for transformation of the transformeroutput voltage in range 500 V-10 kW.

1.4. Filament transformer of oscillating tube with integrator control chart.


High-frequency unit

3.1. The frame (body) of the unit is made from sheet aluminum

thickness 2 mm

3.2. Oscillating tube -23  in the water-cooling body.

3.3. Cooling valve of the anode of oscillating tube in high-frequency design.

3.4. Anode circuit unit for regulation of anode voltage of the oscillating tube.

3.5. Grid circuit unit.


Unit of transmission of oscillating power from generator to the load.

4.1 Shielded enclosure, where the conductor lines and vacuum condensers are placed.

4.2. Cooper water-cooling inductor of specialized design.



The system of automatic monitoring and control of the system (automatic control unit)

5.1. Industrial computer and boards (Advantech, IEI)

5.2. Native software (SW)

5.3. Sensors and automatic (Schneider Electric, Dacpol, Wago, Lovato, Phoenix Contact, Advantech)

5.4. Relay and starters (Lovato, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric)

5.5. The subsystem for control of parameters and technological process (Displaying of diagrams and other visual data, ability of programming and full automatization of the technological process).

5.6. The subsystem for displaying of parameters of flow and temperature of cooling water.

Control of the refractory materials (oxides) melting process and their processing usingHF plasma equipment PLAZER is carried out by the operator as in manual as in fully automatic mode underthe given program.The program is integrated into industrial computer (PLC) of the process parameters.The monitor displaysdata of the current process with the possibility of their corrections (frequency, temperature of the cooling liquid (water), current, voltage, etc.).The process of the ingot formation is carried out by way of natural cooling and subsequent solidification of the melt.Controller interface and the name of control bodies  in Russian. Convenient for the operator load / unload of material is provided. Access to all units of the system is carried out smoothly for their maintenance. For safe operation the process gases withdrawal, generated during melting process, is provided.

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