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1. Plasma powder sub- and supersonic spraying of wear-resistant, heat-resistant, corrosion- resistant, thermal protection and special coatings

2. Steam-plasma spraying of coatings

3. Plasma wire spraying of coatings, protection from wear and corrosion, improving resource and recovery

4. Supersonic electric-arc spraying of wear-resistance and corrosion-resistance coatings.

5. Plasma supersonic surface strengthening of the parts

6. Plasma cutting of thick metals on the reverse polarity

7. Air-water plasma cutting

8. Plasma flash removal, gouging, modification (processing) of weld joints

9. Plasma, hybrid (Plasma-MIG) and combined (Plasma-MIG,Plasma-MAG) welding of critical structures made of aluminum and other alloys

10. Steam-plasma processing of organic-based solid hazardous waste

11. Plasma-arc processing of water-organic emulsion, liquid organic and oil-contained waste with simultaneous generation of combustible high-energy gas

12. Energy saving technology for domestic and industrial sewage purification (treatment) by micro-arc processing in rotating magnetic fields

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