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The "Scientific and Production center "PLAZER" LTD is a member of the "UKRSPETSTECHNOLOGII" Corporation , which combines the number of Research and Development enterprise on development of the innovative technologies in the fields of processing and creation of new materials, efficient use of resources, energy efficiency and production of new kinds of energy, ecology, production and promotion to the market of the equipment for realization of given technologies, creation the hi-tech knowledge-intensive industries on their basis.

The company was founded in year 2005 as a producer of new equipment under the trademark PLAZER for realization of various plasma, electric arc and other high-energy processes.

In its practical activity, the company is actively cooperates with the Institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, with the leading technical universities, various research institutes, design bureaus and scientific and industrial enterprises for introduction of innovative plasma and electric arc technologies, development and manufacture of the equipment for their implementation, organization of industrial production of this equipment.

To solve the problems in creation of new equipment and technical solutions the company actively involves leading scientists and engineers from Ukraine and other countries in the field of plasma and electric arc processes, welding technologies, cutting and materials processing, coatings deposition, special electric metallurgy, plasmochemistry, etc.

Creation of pilot samples of the new equipment PLAZER and organization of its serial production (output) is carried out on its own scientific and industrial base, as well as using production capacity, scientific and technical potential of the enterprises of the "UKRSPETSTECHNOLOGII" Corporation.

The main activity  development and manufacture of the equipment for coatings spraying, remelting, processing, cutting, welding and production of new materials, as well as waste disposal and sewage processing.

Manufactured equipment of the trade mark PLAZER realizes the following technologies:

 supersonic (high-speed) plasma and electric-arc spraying of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, heat-shielding and special coatings

 plasma hardening and improving the resource of critical and large parts and tools

 high-frequency plasma remelting of refractory materials (oxides), high-frequency processing (spheroidization) of dispersed materials in the plasma jet, nanomaterials synthesis

 production of spheroidized powders from refractory materials and active materials using plasma spraying of wires and bars

 plasma processing of the welds, flash removal, plasma gouging, sharpening

 plasma cutting of metals of increased thickness (up to 150-200mm) on the reverse polarity with improved performance and cut quality

 plasma, hybrid and combined plasma welding of critical structures

 microarc processing in rotating magnetic fields for materials processing, intensification of technological processes and sewage treatment

 plasma arc processing of water-organic emulsions, liquid organic and oil-contained waste with simultaneous production of high-energy fuel gas

 steam-plasma processing (utilization) of solid (including hazardous) organic-based waste with simultaneous production of heat and electric power


 organization of the technological sites on a turnkey basis (industrial production) with manufacture and supply of the main process equipment, installation, training, commissioning, technical and service assistance for the production;

 development, manufacture and supply of spare parts, consumables (powders, cored wires, etc.);

 development of new technological processes, registration and transfer of the technological instructions, software;

 supply of spare parts, consumables, warranty and after warranty service of the equipment;

 development of design documentation and manufacturing of non-standard units of the equipment, control systems, upgrading of existing equipment.

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